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Every detail you need to know about SIY is located in here. make sure you go through and read everything before joining, it will save everyone time when it comes to asking questions, everything in here is vital information so make sure you don't skip it!
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This is where us admins can tell all you lovely members anything that we need to tell you. so basically if somethings posted in here, it'd be best for you to read it. Check Regularly.
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This is where you can post your advertisements. Thanks for visiting the site! We hope that you come back to us in the future!
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Need a thread open or closed? Want something done to your account that you can not do? Then come post it in here and we can assist you as much as we can!
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If you have a comment or concern or question about the site, then post it in here! If you want to give us a site idea that can help boost activity, you can post that here as well!
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