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 Member Groups, Please Read
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Member Groups
Paradise Cove High School

V.I.P.: The VIP are the top of the top. They are more than just your ruling class or the popular kids, they are the kids that you want to be. They have access to the best of the best. They live in mansions, drive $500,000 cars, and probably have a famous Godparent or two. (VIP can be applied for by pming an admin. There is a current cap of 4 VIP per grade)

Royals: Royals answer to no one. They rule the school and aside from the VIPs, are the top dogs. They believe in the hierarchy of high school. Each grade has a King, a Queen, a Knight, and a Lady. The latter two are usually loyal supporters and friends of the reigning King and Queen. However, any can be ousted at any time should their behavior prove unroyal.

Populars: Still the upper crust of high school, the populars include the jocks and cheerleaders. These are sometimes considered part of the Royals' court.

Performers: These are the kids who enjoy being on stage be it acting, music, comedy, etc. They enjoy the spotlight.

Sweethearts: Sweethearts are very kind and sweet. They aren't exclusive and often float between groups.

Nerds: Once upon a time being a nerd was a bad thing. Today however, it's not that bad. These guys are future captains of industry. They enjoy video games, comic books, computers, etc.

Nomads: Nomads don't belong to any one group. They are what you might consider the norms in high school.

Outlaws: Outlaws follow no rules. They are hipsters, scenesters, rockers. They challenge what normality is and they do it in their own style.

Outsiders: Outsiders include Emos, Stoners, Skaters, Slackers. They are the kids that don't really fit in or make attempts at fitting in.

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